Interviews with Fitburn and BRN Metaverse


FitBurn is a project that was created in order to encourage people to exercise regularly, stick to their routines and go to the gym. The project started to be developed in the last quarter of the year 2022 and is the world’s first Burn to Earn fitness lifestyle application. With FitBurn, users are rewarded with CAL, FitBurn’s own native token, for every calorie they burn while doing physical activities. With FitBurn’s burn to earn model, users go to the gym and get paid for every drop of sweat they shed. This project, which states that it is on a mission to encourage the masses to play sports, is one of the latest fitness solutions based on blockchain.      

In order to participate in FitBurn’s burn to earn platform, people need to buy NFT (non-fongable tokens) designed as T-shirts from the project’s collection. The platform has four different classes of NFT: common, rare, epic and legendary. Members who have any of these NFTs can join the GYM membership for free.  Users who receive a GYM membership then go to the gym and launch the FitBurn application from their smart watch. Every user who performs a daily exercise routine and burns calories earn tokens in return. 







BRN Token

BRN Token, although it is new in the market, it is a project that aims to add a different vision to the Metaverse sector with ambitious projects and innovations. The BRN Token, which started its operation at the end of 2021, was launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network at the beginning of 2022 in a period that we can consider a very short period. BRN Token is a crypto money project that includes the concepts of GameFi, Metaverse, GameNFT, and Web 3.0. BRN Token is aware that the Metaverse is an inevitable reality of the 21st century. For this reason, it opens the doors of transition from the real world to the virtual world with the slogan “Golden Key of the Metaverse”.

The primary purpose of Metaverse projects is to provide the transition from the real world to the Metaverse world. The BRN Token makes it possible for players to trade NFTs produced by game manufacturers while at the same time allowing them to use them to improve their in-game items. Users can purchase in-game items at the sales points in the Marketplace located in the game. At the same time, they will be able to experience how the products purchased using 3-dimensional catalogs look on their avatars, how in-game accessories use, and all kinds of details from colors to shapes in a 3-dimensional way. 

The BRN Token, the foundations of which have just been built, aims to transfer the events taking place in the digital world to the real world together with wearable technology for the Metaverse. With wearable technologies, you will be able to feel everything that happens in the game in the real world. In addition, BRN Token is considering adding GameNFT games to its structure in the coming days. The media ads, which started their work in the last quarter of 2022, continue at full speed with their goals, such as designing in-game characters, locations, and inventories, as well as expanding the team.  Although the BRN Token, founded by Baran Özcan, is a new project, we can say that it has achieved great things with a small team. Under the leadership of Baran Özcan, the BRN Token team aims to create a permanent world in the Metaverse. It wants people to embrace the Metaverse by feeling the emotions in that world as well as winning while having fun in the Metaverse world.

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