Interview with Bashar Salha – Creative Director at Subversum


Subversum is a versatile project that uses technologies from a fitness app, P2E strategy game, DeFi and DAO community to create an ecological culture in society and adapt the person to the modern conditions of the digital economy.  The team, which has the view that games can be socially important projects, aims to create a community that will benefit from solving global problems by engaging in activities that will benefit society and nature. 

SUVERSUM is a Web3-based eco-social simulation game inspired by ESG principles. At each step in the parallel world of the game, the user develops real life (for themselves, society, and nature) by choosing a strategy. Here, players can interact socially with the Game World they have created by establishing business relationships with each other. The project developers have adopted the dual-model token strategy for the healthy functioning of the Subversum ecosystem. Along with the $BW (better world) token with a total supply of 100 million, there are $KEC (Kinetic Energy Coin) tokens that have an unlimited supply that can be printed and redistributed if necessary to balance the game.

The benefits to be obtained by participating in this project, which benefits participants in many areas : 

It provides users with a cozy decentralized community

It can generate passive income to users

It provides users with easy access to the crypto world

Provides a source of change in public consciousness

Subversum’s team, on the other hand, consists of an international decentralized team of digital nomads. The headquarters of the project and the core of the company are located in Ireland. IT specialists are located in Israel, Spain, Kazakhstan, Australia, Russia, Syria, Portugal and other countries.

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