InpulseX and TheNFTX Campaign

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We are glad to announce that our valuable partner, InpulseX, has stepped out next level. As Crypto Data Space, one of the components of Castrum Istanbul, we will publish more detailed informative articles on InpulseX soon.

About InpulseX

Elon Musk is helping humanity evolve, expand knowledge and create new out-of-this-world technologies. Since his arrival on the blue planet, Musk has developed and delivered countless projects that have improved our lives in many ways. However, he has now decided that it is time to explore and colonize other planets. He built a whole new interplanetary transport system to navigate humanity across the galaxy.

This epic journey is not without challenges, and we want to show our appreciation for all the benefits he has provided for humankind by supporting his dream and mission. Let’s unite and show some love as he embarks on his interplanetary journey towards Mars.

Join the space revolution, support this ambitious cause and be part of history.

Source (TheNFTX)

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