HYVE’s New Token is on the Arc Market: $ARC

Arc Market is a decentralized market resource and trading terminal. With this integration, HYVE is getting one step closer to its goal of becoming a platform that maximizes paying opportunities every day.

Arc Market allows users to manage their digital assets on multiple blockchains. Arc Market aims to be the leading aggregator that builds bridges between all crypto ecosystems.

A user can buy or exchange different digital assets on various platforms without having to switch between applications and go through multiple login procedures. ARC is integrated with many different ecosystems, including decentralized and centralized exchanges, NFT markets, lending protocols, betting platforms and many more.

This project appeals to both institutional-level investors and retail users. In addition to providing trading tools and instant liquidity to institutional or professional users, the platform has a convenient, powerful and simple interface for crypto beginners and individual investors.

New Update: Arc Reactor

Arc Reactor, a no-code platform, allows the development of smart contracts and dApps. Reactor offers a rich design that greatly simplifies the time spent on understanding, modifying and creating smart contracts. Arc Reactor is the first tool in Web3 that can allow an EVM code to be sent to any other chain that supports EVM. Arc Reactor stands out as the first platform where major changes have been made to the way code is audited, created and modified.

ARC’s Native Token        

The native, cryptographically secure protocol token of the ARC platform is $ARC. $ARC is a functional, multi-purpose token that is used as a medium of exchange between participants on the ARC platform in a decentralized way. $ARC provides holders with the opportunity to stake and receive a share of project revenues. The $ARC token enables its users to interact within the Arc Market ecosystem without any third-party intermediaries, providing a convenient and secure payment-reconciliation method between them.

About HVYE

In the HYVE Ecosystem, the crypto money problems of both centralized and decentralized exchanges are being solved by taking advantage of the strengths of various blockchain technologies.



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