Harmony Partnership with Chainstack

Image 1 : Harmony Partnership with Chainstack
Image 1 : Harmony Partnership with Chainstack

Harmony announced that it is collaborating with Chainstack to ensure the continuous renewal and growth of its infrastructure, user experience and interoperability. From now on, users can make better arrangements with Harmony and run a high Harmony node in minutes on a platform built for scale.

The statement made recently by Jack Chan, responsible for Engineering, Partnerships and Initiatives in Web3 at Harmony;

Our partnership with Chainack is a major step forward toward Harmony’s goals of adding an increasing number of partners that can help Harmony scale to billions more transactions per day. We’re thrilled that Chainstack is supporting the alarming growth in demand for Harmony’s dataset enabling billion dollar TVL DeFi ecosystems and numerous GameFi and Metaverse projects being built on Harmony to now have access to blockchain dataset at scale.’

Reliable Network and Testnet Infrastructure

Chainstack gives you access to ready, robust and scalable infrastructure for your Harmony adventure in minutes. With Chainstack, it eliminates the burden of managing it so that you can instantly focus on creating, swapping, or exploring Harmony-related data.

Start Fast with Elastic Nodes

Elastic Harmony nodes provide personal, geographically diverse and protected API endpoints, and you can get started right away for interacting with Harmony networks, starting at $0 per month.

  • Chain Elastic Knots
  • No speed limitation or throttling
  • Immediate instant distribution
  • Global endpoint locations
  • Secure HTTP and WebSocket APIs

ChainStack announced that it has started service on its own platform with the above statement.

What is ChainStack?

Chainstack is a single access point for all your blockchain projects on any protocol. Deploy a node to a partner network or create a consortium network in just a few clicks

What is Harmony?

Harmony is an open and fast blockchain. Its main network runs Ethereum applications with a transaction accuracy of 2 seconds and fees that are 100 times lower.

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