HardPops & OneRare – Juicy Partnership :D

For the first time I click on the website of hardpops, I said finally a nft based weed brand has popped up in the community :d It was not the reason that websites asked me if I am 21. They are making ice pops with alcohol :d and they used league spartan font in their website. I like that font and it is sooo compatible with the brand. 

Other company is a brand that brings the food industry into the web3. No. They are not making food in the web3. Or can they? I am not sure. They are saying that industry of food will be in the web3. so you can buy nft’s from your favoutirte chefs, restaurants etc. Now let’s accept that this is only a project which has something, but no innovation.

I understand the partnership btw. it is necessary to get together for the companies about food. All though I do not see any vision behind the question why OneRare is important. But I see some partnets like SandBox :d I saw Polygon and pretty much capitals in their partner section.

If we look into the other company, I do not see anything about web3. I think they will make their product nft’s or something like that from the perspective of that partnership. I am sure of one thing, I would buy that boozy ice pops :d

From that two projects getting together, I think you can see the importance of the topic while making a nft project; there is no importance. crypto gods, forgive me but they are making food and restaurant nft’s. How can I say that is a good one :d 

You would have fun while looking into this partnership and you would be satisfied from sucking that boozy ic3 pops. So I say, that is crypto, everything is possible.




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