Hamster Partnership with MoleDAO

Hamster recently announced a collaboration with MoleDAO. With this cooperation, MoleDAO users have the opportunity to access Web 3.0 more easily, while at the same time they have the opportunity to access special tools found in Hamster. When opening Hamster products to MoleDAO users, it will take into account reviews about the products and optimize them according to users. In addition to these products, Hamster will also offer special pieces of training, training camps, community events and special services to MoleDAO users. With this partnership, we can say that the work of MoleDAO developers has become quite easy.


About MoleDAO

MoleDAO is a social platform created to facilitate developers and blockchain enthusiasts to log in to Web 3.0. While the platform supports developers’ Web 3.0 projects and initiatives, it also offers the opportunity to help new users who want to create a project. Especially thanks to the recent Hamster partnership, developers who are just starting Web 3.0 have the opportunity to access educational videos, community events and training camps and have an easier introduction to Web 3.0.

About Hamster

Hamster is a support platform that provides services such as One-Stop infrastructure, development, operation and maintenance services to support Web3 projects and project developers. Hamster aims to correct these problems by examining the quality, efficiency and security deficiencies of the projects in Web 3.0.




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