Halliday Raised $6 Million in Seeds to Strengthen Its Presence in Games and on the Metaverse Platform

One of the best supporters in the world. Hashed has announced a $6 million seed round led by a16z crypto from a capital, SV Angel, Immersion Partners, Sabrina Hahn and other known investors.

Halliday offers a Blockchain game and a solution that is the first in the world that enables the ownership of the assets of the Metaverse and asset owners. This situation excites users and those who are curious.

Halliday strengthens them by making ownership of gaming NFTs more accessible.

Speaking of Halliday, it integrates directly with games and marketplaces, providing an alternative payment facility for payments between the Metaverse world and the convenience it provides on the Blockchain game.

It offers players a hassle-free way to eliminate risk and pay to secure assets for their NFTs over time.

The facilities it provides are as user-oriented as possible. It is designed in a clear, understandable and easy way.

One of the most important features is that users can start playing with their NFTs immediately without waiting. In this case, the players will have moved themselves one step forward by saving time.

Players will soon be able to pay with Halliday for the first time League of Kingdoms it will start with the betaIt is said that with this working method, they will announce more different and good partnerships in the coming times.

Experienced and experienced team gives confidence. A team of engineers, economists, artists, technologists and builders with different skills, talents and backgrounds, and their main idea is to achieve their goals with the work they will do in line with their ideology and the world they will create with this team.

How Do I Use Halliday?

The Halliday button will be able to be installed and used directly on partner marketplaces. Select an NFT you are interested in, select the Halliday pay option and follow the steps in the pop-up window to complete your purchase!

How Does Halliday Work?

  • Choose an NFT you like in one of our partner marketplaces and check it with the Halliday button.
  • When funding is provided and the NFT is purchased, ownership is transferred to Halliday, but you can immediately start using it in-game.
  • Make easy payments within a few months to pay for NFT and become its official owner.

What Payment Methods Does Halliday Accept?

Versatile, Halliday accepts traditional payment methods such as credit cards, as well as pay methods such as USDC, ETH and WETH pay.

How Does Halliday Improve the Game and the Market Place?

It democratizes game access and makes the purchase of NFT accessible to a much wider player base.

Using Halliday does not affect NFT sellers in the market place. Because the seller experience does not change. Sellers will continue to receive 100% of the price at the time of sale.


Halliday Our Backers
Halliday Our Backers



In recent years, the gaming sector has become a part of our social life. NFT, Metaverse, P2E and Game Guild are included in the game sector, which is also included in the digital environment and other sectors, as the basic structure within categories such as the Game Guild. Besides, he becomes the center of attention of millions of people.

Nowadays, not only the idea of playing games, but also the commercial aspect has started to come to the fore. In games, it is now beginning to act as a society by integrating with the real world. The games offer players an attractive digital world and unique virtual experiences to explore and share with friends.

Halliday also constantly prioritizes players and invites all outside players to the Halliday community. Being a beginner, they want to develop themselves and create an environment that will create excitement in people by moving forward with a focus on society and write their name in golden letters in this sector.

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