Greek-based Rated Labs Has Raised $2.5 Million to Provide Better Transparency in Web3 Infrastructure Data

Web3 infrastructure project established by Greece Rated Labs, raised $2.5 million in an initial round. The round was led by crypto VC lconfirmation, UK-based VC semantic and New York-based VC placeholder, initial controlling fund Cherry Crypto, and crypto-asset investment firm Decentral Park Capital. The project aims to provide greater transparency and rich context in Web3 infrastructure data.

Founded in 2022 by Elias simons and Aris koliopolus, the Greek Web3 project offers a detailed level of data on validators and their operators, making it easy for users to compare their performance.

Chain operators and validators run the underlying software of the chain by validating new blocks written to the chain and distributing them to the network. In short, we see that  Rated Labs with his solutions, he is trying to find a way to measure and detail the historical performance of verifiers, which is currently difficult to do.

Rated Labs ‘we believe it is a valuable data layer for chains and their operators to uncover and contextualize what is causing reputations,’ co-founder Elias Simos said in a blog post. This data layer is the missing piece that will make possible increased transparency and accountability, ease of disclosure, as well as a number of new products, as well as Web3 infrastructure clusters, and therefore the industry as a whole,’ he said.

Currently in a pre-release version, Rated Labs offers a web explorer for the Ethereum Beacon Chain and prater authenticators and validator operators, allowing users to browse through the various assets that make up the set and compare their performance. 

In the coming weeks Rated Labs, plans to release the first version and a more powerful combination of network operator explorer and API, as well as a suite of products, rating methodologies research, and a series of resources that shed more light on flow integrations. 

Additionally, Simos added, “As we see it, we will use capital accelerating our mission for greater transparency and rich context in Web3 infrastructure data.”  “At LinkedIn and for that, we are still growing our team and are looking for people who are fit for the mission who love to solve difficult problems,” Simos added.


Rated Labs currently offers a network explorer, a network explorer where they can browse and compare their performance at a detailed level of the various entities that make up the set used for VE Ethereum Beacon and Prater validators and validator operators in V0. Rated also supports an API that allows app developers to integrate contextual data about validators and validator operators into their workflow and products downstream of Rated. This network is currently used by Lido, Nexus Mutual, Fırın and a number of other node operators. 

In the coming weeks, they’ll be announcing Rated v1, a restructured and much more powerful combination of network operator explorer and API, as well as a number of resources that shed more light on research and downstream integrations into product line rating methodologies.

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