What is GNS Crypto?

GNS Crypto is a decentralized platform for trading derivatives that was initially developed on the Polygon network and has now expanded to other decentralized networks. In addition, Gains Network is creating gTrade, a decentralized leveraged trading platform that is powerful, effective, and easy to use.

What is GNS Crypto?

Creating a solution that “becomes the most embraced decentralized leveraged trading platform” is the first item on the Gains Network team’s to-do list. They state that it is creating a robust, user-friendly, decentralized leveraged trading platform in order to accomplish this objective. These characteristics are supposedly what set the leverage trading platform gTrade apart from the competition.

On the other hand, offering loans with zero transaction fees is a significant feature for users of the Gains Network platform. Due to its decentralized structure, GNS Crypto users will have endless control over their assets. However, the technology used by the platform is determined to prevent the abuse of this freedom.

What is gTrade?

On May 2, 2022, GNS Crypto released gTrade on the Polygon Network. Since then, it has handled over 450,000 trades from more than 6,000 different traders, grossing a trading volume of over $19 million. The development team also has made plans to provide this solution to additional smart contract networks.

Gains Network will try to entice perpetual contract traders with gTrade by offering a decentralized platform that maximizes their earnings while enabling them to maintain complete custody of their assets. Also, perpetual contract traders aim to gain from gTrade’s cheap fee plan and the absence of fees for leveraged loans.

GNS Crypto Market Statistics

At the time this article was written, the GNS token market statistics were as in the image above.

GNS Crypto Team

The GNS Crypto team consists of the following names:

  • Seb (Founder, Full-stack dev, Strategy)
  • Nathan (Full-stack dev, Management)
  • Crumb (Full-stack dev)
  • Dreamersnat (Frontend dev)
  • Konrad (Frontend dev)
  • Drew (Backend dev)
  • Uri (Full-stack dev, Research)
  • Sam (Biz Dev, Partnerships & Connections)
  • Lunaman (Biz dev)
  • Ross & Kenji (Social medias)
  • Jim (Designer)
  • Alex (Research)
  • Vesnushki (moderator)

The project’s founder worked alone in the early stages of GNS Crypto‘s development. However, as the Gains Network grew, it was inevitable that the team would expand.






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