Top 10 Web3 Crypto Coins in the First Quarter of 2023

Nowadays, the demand for Web 3.0 is skyrocketing. Purchasing cryptocurrencies that are heavily active in this industry is definitely one of the enormous ways to test the investment market there. Nonetheless, due to the existence of more than 18,000 cryptocurrencies as of February 2023, research might be a challenging task. For this reason, we have created the top 10 web3 crypto coins in the first quarter of the 2023 list for you.

Top 10 Web3 Crypto Coins in the First Quarter of 2023

The world around us is always introducing novel technologies and mind-blowing projects, from cryptocurrency to the blockchain, GameFi to NFT. In terms of 2023, “Web 3.0” is perhaps the most popular keyword.

Web 3.0, often regarded as the next generation of the internet, is built on the ideas of decentralization and autonomy. Web 3.0, in contrast to the current centralized web, is committed to allowing end users complete authority over their own data. Additionally, it will transform how individuals curate and use material, establishing an ownership-driven economy.

Until this part of the article, we have explained what web 3.0 means and how significant it is in people’s lives with the developing technology. In the rest of the article, we will talk about the top 10 web 3.0 crypto coins.

Helium ($HNT)

As a provider of networks powered by people, Helium has positioned itself. Since its inception in 2013, Helium has provided services to thousands of developers, hundreds of businesses, and over 800,000 hotspots. Helium developed the idea of community-hosted hotspots to assist the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing internet-connected appliances like refrigerators, parking meters, and lights to share bandwidth with a random nearby hotspot rather than a dedicated one.

It offers its own cryptocurrency, $HNT, as an incentive to hotspot owners to build a more robust worldwide wireless network. A hotspot increases its passive income as it is used more frequently. At the time of writing on 02.26.2023, $HNT was listed at $2.73.

Filecoin ($FIL)

One of the biggest decentralized data storage and retrieval service providers in the Web 3.0 space is Filecoin. It stores data in numerous distributed nodes, which makes it almost impervious to geopolitical, natural disasters, and security hazards. This is in contrast to standard cloud storage.

Almost any kind of data, including text, audio files, movies, and still photographs, can be stored with Filecoin. Additionally, it makes the claim that it is safe enough to keep private company data and other more delicate information. At the time of writing on 02.26.2023, $FIL was listed at $6.76.

Solana ($SOL)

Solana, known as an Ethereum substitute, has generated a ton of interest due to its greater throughput and reduced transaction costs. Additionally, there are numerous ongoing community-based NFT initiatives on Solana, some of which are as well-known as those on the Ethereum chain. Examples include Cets on Creck, Degenerate Ape Academy, Infinity Laboratories, and Alright Bears. At the time of writing on 02.26.2023, $SOL was listed at $22.82.

The Graph ($GRT)

The Graph transformed how individuals create decentralized applications by allowing them to query and use blockchain data through APIs. By mixing Web 3.0 protocols, users can not only take advantage of its openness and acquire a better overall awareness of the market dynamics, but they can also genuinely be the owners of their identity, data, and reputation. At the time of writing on 02.26.2023, $GRT was listed at $0.1547.

One of the top oracle networks in the blockchain industry is Chainlink. The oracles assist blockchains in developing programmable smart contracts and gaining access to off-chain data. This decentralized network supports some significant businesses in the DeFi sector and offers long-term data reliability. At the time of writing on 02.26.2023, $LINK was listed at $7.35.

BitTorrent ($BTTOLD)

Internet protocol BitTorrent facilitates Web 3.0 peer-to-peer file sharing. It provides a tool that enables users to save information and files in a decentralized way online. As a result, hundreds or even thousands of users can simultaneously upload and download files. At the time of writing on 02.26.2023, $BTTOLD was listed at $0.000691.

Polkadot ($DOT)

The Polkadot platform offers a service that is not restricted to tokens and makes it possible to transfer assets and data between several blockchains. Using parachains within the Polkadot network, users of the network can collaborate between many blockchains. At the time of writing on 02.26.2023, $DOT was listed at $6.57.

Theta ($THETA)

A decentralized blockchain network called Theta Token was created specifically for peer-to-peer video streaming. The network uses enterprise validator nodes from Google, Sony, Samsung, and other firms to make it easier for users to share content videos. Theta coin is the name of the platform’s native token. At the time of writing on 02.26.2023, $THETA was listed at $1.18.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the original smart-contract blockchain and has continued to be a market leader. The most widely used network supporting numerous DApps and DeFi networks is the open-sourced blockchain, which makes it a leading Web 3.0 cryptocurrency. At the time of writing on 02.26.2023, $ETH was listed at $1,601.39.

Siacoin ($SC)

Sia is a decentralized cloud storage platform and marketplace. Before being stored across a distributed network, files and data uploaded to Sia will be cryptographically hashed. Unlike the cloud, access, and ownership are only given to customers, guaranteeing the highest level of privacy and security. Sia is more affordable by 90% compared to other cloud storage services, which is intriguing. At the time of writing on 02.26.2023, $SC was listed at $0.004196.


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