Solana Validators will Attempt a Second Restart

As Solana validators were prepared for a second restart attempt that they thought would bring back service to blockchain users, the Solana Network remained in a deep freeze on Saturday.

Solana Validators will Attempt a Second Restart

Solana validators had long since decided that synchronizing a restart and forking the chain would be the most effective approach to fix the chain by the time it was evening New York time. When validators recognized they had chosen the incorrect point to resume, a first attempt was abandoned, adding to the delay.

Validators and developers tell CoinDesk that the issues, which began as delayed transaction processing, had escalated into a nearly total suspension of activity on Solana. Transactions aren’t processing or being validated, and the chain’s block generation has stopped.

Problems in Solana

Key players in the Solana ecosystem were still seeking a perpetrator hours after the crisis started. One popular idea postulated that a “fat block” gunked up the workings of the blockchain. Incidentally, the network was upgraded to a new version just as the problems started.


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