Announced that Pancakeswap v3 will be Released in April

According to a March 4th announcement, the Pancakeswap team is planning to launch the third version of the platform in the first week of April. Pancakeswap v3 will offer new features as well as increased liquidity.

Announced that Pancakeswap v3 will be Released in April

It was recently announced that Pancakeswap is launching a new iteration of its program called Pancakeswap v3. The iteration, which will go live on Binance Smart Chain in the first week of April, will provide a user-friendly interface. Moreover, it will offer users new features such as affordable trading fees and an enhanced yield farming experience.

About Pancakeswap v2

The previous version, v2, was known for supporting blockchains such as Aptos and Ethereum. According to the developments in the last 24 hours, a DEX trade volume of $ 1.47 was recorded. Accordingly, Pancakeswap’s version 2 managed to become the second-largest known DEX in terms of trade volume.

About Pancakeswap v3

With the third release approaching, the platform has decided to reward its users to celebrate this beautiful development. Accordingly, users will receive CAKE tokens worth 135 thousand dollars and an NFT for v3.

“We’re excited to continue our mission of bringing deFi to everyone with the launch of Pancakeswap v3. The new features we’re introducing will offer our users an even better experience and help make deFi accessible to more people than ever before,”

Mochi, the head chef of Pancakeswap


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