MultiversX Launches a Web3 Super App Including Financial and Social Features

Centered on the metaverse blockchain MultiversX has unveiled the “super app,” which combines intricate aspects of digital finance, AI avatars, and chat functionality into a compact mobile interface.

MultiversX Launches a Web3 Super App Including Financial and Social Features

According to a press release, the app, which is accessible on Android and iOS, includes several features like end-to-end encrypted communications and a portal for Web3 apps and metaverse experiences.

According to the press release, you can effortlessly send and receive money, cryptocurrency, and non-fungible tokens, make payments, utilize a debit card, keep track of investments, and explore the financial, cryptocurrency, and NFT ecosystems. Users can also design unique avatars to improve the experience.

xPortal’s ability to make Web3 and the metaverse accessible to any smartphone user in the world shifts the entire conversation around all-accessible digital experiences from a distant vision of the future into a reality today,” Sergiu Biris, MultiversX Labs head of product.

About the Company

In November, the organization, which had previously gone by the name Elrond, changed its name to MultiversX to reflect a focus on metaverse and Web3 connections built upon its prior work as a layer 1 blockchain. The company has recently disclosed a partnership with China‘s Tencent Cloud to support the growth of its Web3 products.


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