Metacade: The Ultimate Web3 Community Hub

The ultimate Web3 community hub for gamers and blockchain enthusiasts is Metacade, where they can connect and work together. All Metaverse enthusiasts can get information about P2E games and the opportunities they want in the Web3 world at this single location.

Metacade: The Ultimate Web3 Community Hub

In the field of online gaming, Metacade is a name that is growing rapidly. Video game lovers can meet other gamers who share their interests while playing the greatest play-to-earn (P2E) games in its blockchain-based virtual arcade. The platform’s creative ambitions appear to be on track to completely transform the crypto gaming market while also laying the groundwork for the future of the GameFi sector.

What is Metacade?

Users can see leaderboards, post reviews, view statistics about popular games, and communicate with other users in the Metacade. Users will be able to receive incentives through the native $MCADE token by participating in the community (i.e., posting and generating content and contributing inputs). It is also the first GameFi hub to offer its members chances for jobs, careers, and internships.

The $MCADE token owners can participate in the decision-making process through the Metacade. For example, token owners can decide which games will be funded by the Metagrants Scheme. A Create-2-Earn form of governance will be made possible by this.

What is the Main Purpose of the Platform?

The platform’s main goal is to develop the most entertaining, vibrant online community where like-minded individuals may appreciate everything GameFi. For you to fully experience Web3 culture, they are creating the first community-developed P2E blockchain arcade in the world. You may connect with other entrepreneurs, game creators, and blockchain enthusiasts on the platform who want to share their passions, skills, and ideas.

In short, they want to turn Metacade into a self-sustaining platform and use it to reward the community through a cutting-edge token staking system. Also, they want to create a treasury reserve that will be used to strengthen the Metacade community and advance blockchain gaming in the future.

About the Functioning of the Platform

The MCADE token, which is utilized for all platform transactions and provides encouragement for the project’s development, is the fuel that powers the platform. Because funding is provided from a variety of internal and external sources, Metacade represents a more reliable investment option.

Community members can give support by staking tokens as part of the Compete2Earn program or by spending money to play the wide selection of pay-to-play arcade games. In addition, MCADE is funded by several internal and external sources, with a portion coming from the community through token staking and access to pay-to-play games and the remainder coming from outside sources.

They include displaying Web3 job openings on the platform’s jobs board starting in Q1 2024, charging other gaming businesses to release games using the platform’s exclusive launchpad technology, and placing advertisements on the hub.

What Makes Metacade More Special and Preferable?

The main goal of the platform is to create a central hub for all types of games, including numerous P2E games, rather than only connecting to a single Metaverse game. From the start of its overall structure, the platform sets itself apart from other metaverse tokens like Enjin Coin. This blockchain platform has a significant advantage over Axie Infinity since it is resistant to the negative effects of market competition in the gaming industry.


The total supply of the MCADE token is 2 billion dollars, and the token distribution is shown in the chart above.


The goals that the platform has named “Metamap” and that they have planned for themselves are listed chronologically in the roadmap above.


The platform’s developer team consists of the names in the image above.


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