Floki’s Turkey Earthquake Relief NFT

After the devastating earthquake in Turkey 2 weeks ago, the Floki ecosystem has been one of the most significant names supporting the country. A sale of NFT was announced by Floki on Monday to help Turkey’s earthquake relief efforts. This 1.08-minute video, titled “Floki’s Turkey Earthquake Relief NFT,” featured the Turkish flag.

Floki’s Turkey Earthquake Relief NFT

The estimated 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Turkey and neighboring nations on February 6, 2023, stunned the world by causing more than 47,000 fatalities, according to the news. Following that, Turkey and Syria’s nation broke apart, and the victims received support in various forms from all around the world. The top bitcoin firms and exchanges have also vowed to assist Turkey in any way they can.

One of these companies was Floki. The company announced in a tweet from its official Twitter account that it has launched an NFT sale to support earthquake relief efforts in Turkey.

Under the campaign, people will be able to buy an NFT to support earthquake relief efforts in Turkey for 0.05 ETH. You can learn more about Floki’s Turkey Earthquake Relief NFT by clicking the link: https://floki.com/turkey-nft



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