Examining the Crypto Sense App

Nowadays, cryptocurrencies have become quite widespread. There are as many people who don’t know about them as there are enthusiasts. Here is a great app for both enthusiasts and those who will meet the crypto world for the first time: Crypto Sense App. This app gives its members the opportunity to earn money just by playing games. Moreover, you can convert the coins you earn into cryptocurrencies later on.

Examining the Crypto Sense App

Imagine an app that earns you money just by playing the mini-games in it. Crypto Sense App is such an app. You can earn Sense, the app’s native token, by playing its engaging games.

Flip Sense

This game is basically a memory game. When you were little, many of you played the famous game with a picture on it and two of the same card in a deck. After randomly placing the cards on the floor and flipping over the backs with neutral images, you have to remember where the cards are and find the pairs. The logic is the same in Flip Sense.

Sliding Sense

In this game, you complete a puzzle by sliding small moving pieces. When you complete the puzzle completely, you get a reward as promised.

Calculus Fest

In this game, you have to answer the questions as fast as possible and make sure that your answers are correct. The game, which consists of four operations and basic math knowledge, allows you to earn while doing brain training.

Lucky Sense

Many of you are familiar with the logic of a slot machine. When you pull the lever next to the slot machine, three identical images are supposed to appear next to each other on the screen, and the player can win. Lucky Sense is exactly this kind of game.

How Does the App Work?

The application, which you can download from Google Play, allows you to play games on your mobile device as you wish. Currently only available for Android devices, the app may come to iOS devices in the future.

So, how to use the app? The first thing you need to know about it is that it is entirely free. This way, you can enter the crypto world without paying anything and having lots of fun. Developed by Oak World, the app is, of course, aimed at a certain age group.

On the other hand, you watch an ad before each game. The loop is in the form of an ad – a game. We talked about games above, in short, games that depend on your luck or skills.

Ads in the App

As mentioned earlier, there are many advertisements in the app. These ads, which usually appear before the games, ensure that a certain pool of money is generated. Thus, the revenues from the ads are used to pay the players.

There are game types you can play on the application. You can earn Sense in each game you choose to play. You can convert the Sense accumulated in your general balance into cryptocurrency later if you wish.

What are the Features of the Crypto Sense App?

 The fun app has many different mini-games that will benefit its users. The following are just a few of the platform’s highlights:

  • Registration is extremely simple.
  • You can review the performance of a range of cryptocurrencies.
  • Fun mini-games must be played to win a prize.
  • You can win prizes if you invite your friends to join the app.
  • You can exchange the points/coins you collect in the app for real cryptocurrencies.
  • The platform is entirely free.

All these listed features and more can be found by downloading this app in a moment.




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