Chainlink Launches Chainlink Functions, a New Platform

Chainlink just revealed a platform that would enable programmers to connect data to smart contracts. With Chainlink Functions, programmers may link their decentralized applications (dApps) or smart contracts to any Web2 API. Then, they use the network’s highly secure and stable platform to quickly perform custom computations on it.

Chainlink aims to offer products that will connect the entire world via blockchain technology. The startup announced a partnership with SWIFT, an interbank messaging system, in September to enable token transfers and communication across all blockchains.

Platform’s Features

On March 1, a “self-service solution” Chainlink Functions entered private beta. In order to give developers a “seamless environment and robust toolbox that enables them to write, test, simulate, and run custom logic for their Web3 applications,” Chainlink Functions was just introduced.

Impressively, the platform will enable the integration of virtually any off-chain data API into blockchain applications with the same advantages as a traditional Chainlink oracle feed. Yet, thanks to their decentralized and permissionless organizational structures, blockchain applications reduce trust. As a result, adding off-chain data to the blockchain can result in a variety of problems with data verification.

“Chainlink Functions solves this problem by utilizing the same network of highly secure nodes that power Chainlink Price Feeds. So APIs can be brought on-chain with just a few lines of code.”

Ciara Nightingale, a DevRel Engineer at Thirdweb

To enable non-web3 native developers to explore blockchain technology, the platform will also allow off-chain languages like Javascript.

“With the launch of Chainlink Functions, we are removing a major roadblock in the adoption of Web3 […] to combine smart contracts with the powerful APIs and Web2 data sources.”

Kemal El Moujahid, The Chief Product Officer of Chainlink Labs


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