Launch of “Blockchain Operating System” through Near Protocol

Illia Polosukhin, the co-founder of blockchain layer 1 network Near Protocol, announced the launch of a product-first operating system at the ETHDenver industry conference. This blockchain operating system allows developers to build into it and consumers to engage on it as a single platform.

Launch of “Blockchain Operating System” through Near Protocol

According to Polosukhin, the platform is meant to serve as a common layer for exploring and browsing Web3 products, such as cryptocurrency exchanges, NFT galleries, and social media platforms.

Polusukhin said, in an interview with CoinDesk, the framework will be compatible with all blockchains. Near will serve as the common entry point. In addition, it currently supports the Near Protocol and Ethereum Virtual Machine chains.

According to the press release, decentralized and composable front ends provide many benefits for developers. For example, it provides a mechanism for faster forking and better app launching. In addition, it allows them to search without having to host anything themselves, as well as built-in features such as profiles, payments, and notifications.

“The composable decentralized front ends as a framework can work with any Web2 or Web3 back end and any wallet. In the future we will be offering [use of] wallets from one chain to interact with another via seamless bridging.”


About Near

According to data from Messari, Near currently ranks as the 35th-largest blockchain in terms of market valuation. At the time of writing, the market capitalization of Layer 1 was approximately $1.82 billion, and the NEAR token was trading for about $2.11.

“We are moving away from our layer 1 focus, it’s now about the user and the experience they have. We are looking at this as the front-end for blockchain’s in general.”


In the press release, the platform is referred to as a “blockchain operating system (BOS)”.

“As a user at the moment, it’s hard to find a single place to look at Web3 apps, there’s no search mechanism or a way to navigate between them. The BOS creates a single point of entry.”



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