Binance Introduces a Mastercard Debit Card in Brazil

The largest cryptocurrency trading platform in the world, Binance, has introduced a Mastercard debit card in Brazil. Customers of the exchange can now use the debit card to make purchases with their Bitcoin holdings anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Instantaneous on-the-spot conversion of cryptocurrencies to EUR is available with the card.

Binance Introduces a Mastercard Debit Card in Brazil

In January 2023, the cryptocurrency trading platform announced that it would be expanding the availability of a bitcoin debit card. The exchange’s Mastercard-powered debit card is now accessible in Brazil as promised.

When the government ultimately passed the crypto legislation at the end of 2022, this choice was made. Brazil is the most recent country where users of the card can use it to pay for cryptocurrency purchases after that law was passed there.

What is Binance Debit Card?

Users can make cryptocurrency payments using a debit card. Also, the card offers customers of the exchange a number of advantages that they can employ. One advantage is a decrease in third-party fees, and another is reimbursement of up to 8% of the BNB when the card is used in certain ways.

In the supported nations, the card can be used wherever that Mastercard is accepted. At this time, only Euros (EUR) are supported for conversion. In addition, the card enables the conversion of a number of different cryptocurrencies.


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