Binance Earn: Monthly Rebalancing for Auto-Invest Index-Linked Plans (2023-03-01)

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Binance Earn Monthly Rebalancing for Auto-Invest Index-Linked Plans (2023-03-01)

Binance Earn: Monthly Rebalancing for Auto-Invest Index-Linked Plans (2023-03-01)

Fellow Binancians,

The next monthly rebalancing for Auto-Invest Index-Linked Plans tracking the Binance CMC Top 10 Equal-Weighted Index will start at any time after 2023-03-03 05:00 (UTC). This will be completed in approximately three to six hours.

For an overview of the new index constituents, please refer to the table below.

Index Constituents:

Current Constituents
(As of 2023-01-27)
New Constituents After Upcoming Monthly Rebalancing
(Effective From 2023-03-03)

Impact on Auto-Invest Index-Linked Plans

Through the monthly rebalancing, the system will automatically buy and sell portions of users’ cryptocurrency holdings in Auto-Invest Index-Linked Plans to bring each asset’s weight to an allocation that matches the Binance CMC Top 10 Equal-Weighted Index. Currently, the monthly rebalancing of Auto-Invest Index-Linked Plans and the Index takes place on the same day.

For more information on the rebalancing mechanisms and fees, please refer to the FAQ and Auto-Invest Terms of Use.

About the Index

Users may utilize the Binance CMC Top 10 Equal-Weighted Index to track the values of digital assets/currencies. Each asset in the index is equally weighted and rebalanced on a monthly basis, and the index is denominated in USD. Please refer to the blog and index page for more information, such as the rebalancing and filtering criteria.

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