Amazon Launches NFT Marketplace

Amazon will launch the NFT Marketplace next month, with 15 NFT collections available immediately, according to reports. Amazon Digital Marketplace is rumored to officially go live on April 24th. Initially, the service will only be available to users in the United States, but there are plans to expand to other countries.

Amazon Launches NFT Marketplace

Amazon Launches NFT Marketplace

According to an insider, Аmazon will start selling about 15 NFT collections right from the day one. NFT collections can be found on Аmazon in the Аmazon Digital Marketplace section of the website. All NFT purchases are made using an Аmazon account and credit card only.

Anyone who doesn’t have access to cryptocurrency wallets like MetaMask can still buy NFTs through the Аmazon NFT service. Аmazon has planned to roll out its NFT services for at least a year. However, due to the closure of FTX, the launch was delayed.

Amazon’s Integration to Web3

In January, Аmazon Web Services and Ava Labs partnered to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology. Аmazon is accelerating its integration into the Web3 ecosystem by launching the NFТ marketplace. It is on par with other industry leaders like Meta and Google.

For the node-generation service, it has already been mentioned that Аmazon has also partnered with Chainlink (LINK). Additionally, AWS has teamed up with public blockchain VeChainThor to provide carbon management services on the blockchain. Аmazon NFT launch is reportedly a priority in the next quarter, confirming previous claims. It seems that the company’s strategy is to oblige customers to participate in crypto games in exchange for free NFTs.


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