GAMMAX Receives $4 Million in Funding to Launch a Crypto Exchange on Ethereum Layer-2 Solution


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GammaX, a Singapore-based company building a new high-performance cryptocurrency exchange, has received a $4 million investment with assistance from Starkware and Dexterity Capital. The investors who contributed to the investment were as follows: Cobo, Genesis Trading, Kyber, Ledger Prime, Matrixport, Profluent, Uncorrelated and Node. 

Defi Das, the anonymous partner of Gammax, said in his speech, “Our goal is to create the fastest, most seamless, easy-to-use and sensitive exchange in the world for our users. To achieve this, we scrutinize all exchanges, both centralized and decentralized.”                           

Defi Das also commented, “As we heard, we can see that the stock exchanges in the sector are insufficient in various areas when it comes to first-class user experience, fully decentralized equivalent exchanges cannot provide user experience because the blockchain infrastructure is still in development,” he noted.  

Additionally, like many other exchanges, Gammax will also launch its own token in the form of a reward structure that will appeal to both beginners and advanced investors and users. 

Among the incentives, there will be trainings for Gammax users, and reference awards.  


Uri Kolodny, CEO of StarkWare, an investor, Gammaxhe stated that he has a highly motivated and entrepreneurial team to bring innovative products to the Sunday market and that he is looking forward to working together to launch a new era of customer trading.


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