GamerHub Strategic Cooperation with DigiNation

GamerHub has announced a new strategic collaboration with DigiNation, a Web3 Metaverse with NFT-based innovation.

DigiNation and DigiAvatar

DigiNation is a Web3 Metaverse with NFT-based innovation. It is a 3D virtual world where each player is represented by a DigiAvatar. DigiAvatar is an NFT and is also the main character of this virtual world. DigiAvatar is a dynamic NFT with variable parameters, a first in the GameFi industry.

All other characters, NPCs and items are uploaded to this virtual world in NFT format. Some of them are third-party NFTs imported through the NFT Live program. Others are created by players with the 3D design tool DigiMaker. Most of the NFTs can be traded in the virtual world through DigiMarket, which has its own markets. Together they form the DigiNation metaverse.

What is Required to Play DigiNation?

  • A crypto wallet like Metamask to store all your identities and assets.
  • Download the client or application to play the game on your PC or mobile device.

Things to Do in DigiNation

  • Socialize with your virtual friends (other digiavatars).
  • Organize or participate in mini-games or events inside.
  • Create or trade your NFTs in interactive 3D formats.
  • Join the DAO and shape the future of the metaverse.

gamerhub digination cooperation

DigiNation Design

Like people in our real world, DIGIAVATARS are people of DIGINATION. These are the creators and owners of DIGINATIONS. DigiAvatar, an ERC721 NFT, is the identity of a player in the metaverse, and he needs to enter the metaverse. Also, DigiAvatar has features that define a player’s metaverse appearance and abilities.

The First NFT You Can Grow Together

They have a design that allows the DigiAvatar NFT to have variables. A DigiAvatar NFT will have some dynamic parameters, such as Experience, Level, Contribution, Fame and Fertility, which will grow as a player becomes more active and successful in the DigiNation metaverse.

Other Details

An important part of DIGINATION is working with other NFT projects. DigiNation will invite important NFT projects to join this metaverse. DigiNation does not aim to be an NFT manufacturer, but to be a platform that allows other NFTs to live in the metaverse. The NFT Live program aims to empower other NFT projects to join the DigiNation metaverse:

  • The game engine will create a 3D version of the third part NFTs, so that they can be thrown into the metaverse and interact with Digiavatars and other characters in the metaverse.
  • Having a third-party NFT and transferring it to DIGINATION changes the parameter of the player’s DIGIAVATAR, such as Experience or Fame.

GamerHub and DigiNation

GamerHub is introducing a multichain-based gaming aggregator platform that will offer gamers an unprecedented choice in the field of play-win. Currently, blockchain-based gaming and play-to-win are extremely fragmented, with game options that have very different technology stacks and are spread between different chains.  Very few games have managed to reach significant user bases.

DigiNation is a Web3 Metaverse with NFT-based innovation. DigiNation Metaverse consists of four components: DigiAvatar, NFT Live, DigiMaker, CryptoSurvivor game.

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