Good Games Guild

Good Games Guild, one of the three largest gaming guilds in the world, is a gaming hub based in Indonesia.


The Good Games Guild is a gaming center that aims to create the largest virtual world economy by optimizing the utility of its assets for the maximum reward generated, at the same time sponsoring millions of play to earn players and investing in play to earn projects.

This game guild, which does not promote itself only as a Game Guild and says that it is a movement where everyone can earn a living by playing games, thinks that virtual assets will be the most desirable asset in the future.

Currently, it has a community of more than 250,000 people. The Guild has more than 1500 active scholars, as well as a total of over 50 partners, including GameFi and Metaverse projects. 


These features, created by Good Games Guild, not only continue to help GGG families succeed in market performance, but also facilitate the transition process and assist users in the purchasing process and market acceptance. These features are:

  • Use and Monitoring of NFT Assets 

The fund raised by the Guild will be used as a productive asset for the purpose of providing income to the guild. Of course, these assets will be monitored and examined by the Good Games Guild team for the use of these assets.

  • NFT Marketplace

The Good Games Guild and users can trade on the NFT market from artwork to game assets.

  • Good Games Guild Mobile App

The Good Games Guild mobile application has been created to help users, especially scholars, keep track of the achievements and awards they have achieved by playing games. In addition, with this application, users can withdraw their rewards to their bank accounts instantly.

Business Activities

The Good Games Guild is focused on three main business activities in order to achieve success. These activities;

Research & Development

It is one of the main activities of the Goog Games Guild. It provides in-depth information about the NFT industry and Metaverse activities and development. 

Community Building

It is the scope of all activities based on improving the community from providing the necessary equipment to the community. It includes: 

  • Recruiting guild member and coach
  • Improving guild members’ ability and knowledge
  • Distributing rewards/incentives to all guild members
  • Establishing a community program to raise guild members’ engagement and activities
  • Managing Guild


It is a business activity for the development of the NFT Marketplace owned by the Good Games Guild, the promotion of its products and the growth of its community.

Business Framework

The Good Games Guild’s business model consists of two main elements. 

  1. NFT Asset Utilisation
  2. NFT Marketplace

NFT Asset Utilisation

Good Games Guild’s main source of income comes from the use of ownership for NFT assets. The use of these assets is made in different ways according to the benefit of the asset. 

  1. Lend: Assets are loaned to guild members for use in games for the purpose of winning prizes.
  2. Rented: If the owned assets function that third parties can rent and carry out activities, they are rented to individuals and a rental fee is charged from their activities.
  3. Sold: The assets owned can be sold according to the situation and conditions (for example, if they do not have a sustainable use in the game).

NFT Marketplace

It is the source of income that the Good Games Guild receives from transactions that take place in the GGG market, where it will charge a fee of 1.5% per transaction.


The Good Games Guild has a token named $GGG. While $GGG is used within the Good Games Guild ecosystem, it is also used in different functions such as Activities reward, Payment on the Platform, and Governance (Voting Rights & Proposal). 

The total supply of the $GGG token is 100,000,000 (1 Million) and the token distribution is as indicated in the table below.

$GGG Token Allocation
$GGG Token Allocation

Token metrics are composed as follows:

$GGG Token Metrics
$GGG Token Metrics

The Token Release Schedule is as indicated in the table below.

$GGG Token Release Schedule
$GGG Token Release Schedule

Good Games Guild Game Portfolio

Good Games Portfolio
Good Games Portfolio

Road Map

The current roadmap of the Good Games Guild;

Good Games Guild Roadmap
Good Games Guild Roadmap


Good Games Guild is a gaming hub based in Indonesia, which is one of the three largest gaming guilds in the world. Currently, it has a community of more than 250,000 people. The Good Games Guild has more than 1500 active scholars, as well as a total of over 50 partners, including GameFi and Metaverse projects. The Good Games Guild has a token called $GGG and it can be used in the GGG ecosystem, but it can also be used in different functions. The roadmap of this guild, which has a wide portfolio of games, has also been updated again.


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