Fomoin x Yuliverse Partnership

     Fomoin, one of the world’s leading Launchpads, has announced that it will work Decisively with Yuliverse, a SocialFi AR Metaverse.

  Information about the Project

Yuliverse is an alternate reality metaiverse built as a parallel universe and bringing a new way of life to its users, it is also a game-based social application. Thousands of exciting stories are currently available in the Yuliverse.  In role-playing, players can obtain $ARG and $ART by completing tasks. In Yuliverse, players can own, buy, sell, trade and contribute to the economy the items they earn in-game.

At the same time, completing the Yuliverse is inseparable from the interaction between players. In Yuliverse, all behaviors that help create a good ecology will be rewarded. They hope that players can play in the Yuliverse, benefit, make friends and get real happiness, real benefits and real friends from the Yuliverse.

Role-Playing in an Alternate Reality

To balance the power of light and darkness, players will play as the Character Yuli, who purifies Terra by completing challenging tasks in the human civilization world of AD 2022.

Thanks to offline travel, players can explore the city based on Yuli’s Radar Map, constantly exploring the story.

A New Norm of Socialization

Yuliverse is not only a Role-playing game, but also represents a new way of socializing.

Players will meet other players while playing Yuliverse and connect with like-minded people in the same city.

Rich Story Weave

As the adventure progresses, players will experience justice, friendship, betrayal and lies in the story. The first part of the main story will surround the Katharsis Project.

The Opportunity to Play Multiplayer

In line with the game’s roadmap, players will be able to download Game 2 in order to have a more immersive social game. it will unlock team and PVP mode in the season.

What is ARG?

The Alternate Reality Gem $ARG, the output of the Terra refinement, is the proof of the players’ activities and is the main currency of the game.

Usage area:

  • Character upgrade
  • Upgrade development chips
  • Sanity items purchasing
  • Amusement arcade gameplay
  • Mystery boxes minting consumption

What is ART?

The Alternate Reality Icon is the highest honor of the Juliverse. To speed up the promotion of ”Project Katharsis”, Juliverse decided to give a limited amount of $ART for incentives.

Usage area:

  • High-level character upgrades
  • High-level enhancement chips upgrade
  • Mystery boxes minting consumption
  • Advanced base building
  • Agore land purchasing


  • 30% X-to-Earn
  • 10% Private
  • 20% Staking
  • 10% Community Fund
  • 10% Foundation
  • 0% Public
  • 15% Of the Team

At the moment, only early investors own $ART. The Alternate Reality Icon is the highest honor of the Juliverse. To speed up the promotion of ”Project Katharsis”, Juliverse decided to give a limited amount of $ART for incentives.

  • Name: Alternate Reality Token
  • Type: BEP20
  • Symbol: ART
  • Platform: BSC
  • General release: 8,000,000,000 ART

ART will open on a predetermined schedule, which will take 66 months from the general sale. The initial circulation resource is set at 1,973,332 ART – 0.025% of the total resource.

The chart shows the maximum possible export of ART in the coming years, and the total supply will never exceed 8,000,000,000.

roleplay in alternate universe yuliverse
Roleplay in alternate universe: Yuliverse

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