Florence Finance Partners with LTO Network

This is one of the largest partnerships that LTO has. It is very curious what Florence Finance will explain about this.

Even a big FOMO can arise when people realize how big the network use of this partnership will be.

With the innovative DeFi protocol, Florence Finance is using the Dutch blockchain, LTO Network, to use Proofi software and Decentralized Identity Technology to launch the second step of the decentralized financial revolution.

The Florence Finance protocol actually serves as a bridge. So what kind of bridge does it serve as?

It serves as a bridge between crypto money lenders and real-world borrowers.  This ensures mutually beneficial and openly sustainable interaction.

Florence Finance will implement LTO Network’s Proofi software to regulate, prevent and protect the privacy of the wallet owner with the necessary technological approaches on a privacy basis to remove security concerns, as well as to allow KYC and AML transactions on DEFI wallets.

The founders of Florence Finance are very experienced. They have years of experience, especially in the field of investment banking

Chiel Ruiter : Duke of Florence Finance, Chiel made his experienced career in investment banking in the Netherlands.

Leo Greve : Senior consultant and growth coach. He has also spent most of his career advising and financing financial institutions.

About LTO

LTO Network is a decentralized highly efficient and the most advanced and still self-developing blockchain project in Europe.

LTO Network is an award-winning Hybrid Blockchain that can be used to secure, exchange and authenticatecritical data, digital assets and identities.

It is currently used worldwide by businesses, governments and institutions such as the UN, the Dutch government and more. It has a special position through his work with these institutions. This is taking firm steps forward on the road to LTO’s goals.



https://florence .finance/


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