Exorde is Live on SKALE

Exorde is an open source Web3 protocol that aims to transparently scrape all the data circulating on the web. SKALE announced that it has incorporated the Exorde protocol in its announcement. According to the article published by SKALE, they claim that many of the information published on the Internet are false and unreliable news. Many of the readers cannot understand which news is right and which news is wrong. At this point Exorde comes into play. Exorde brings solutions to the problem of spreading false information by collecting them, which circulates on the web. Exorde co-founder and CEO Terence Gras said:

“SKALE is perfect for a high-TPS and a low latency dapp like Exorde. We are making millions of transactions Thu day! Our data-related use cases need low latency to come close to real-time processing. SKALE is our execution layer, allowing us to abstract technicalities like gas from our user experience while still being secured by Ethereum. Overall, a dedicated high-performance chain is perfect for our data-related operations.”



SKALE is an open-source Web3 blockchain network managed by DAO. SKALE promises features to their users that are vitally important for the blockchain, such as high efficiency and high speed. It also offers its users zero gas fees, file storage on the blockchain, cross-chain messaging, ML/AI smart contracts, and advanced security features.

About Exorde

Exorde is an open-source Web3 protocol that prioritizes the good and interests of the community managed by DAOs such as SKALE. Exorde is connected to a mechanism designed in layers to collect information circulating on the web. Inside the Exorde protocol, there is a system called reputation score, designed for developers and users. The reputation score seems to be a remarkable feature for the good of the community and developers.






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