CDS Events The Countdown for Block Square 8 is on!

The Countdown for Block Square 8 is on!

The Block Square 8 event is just around the corner!

The Countdown for Block Square 8 is on!

The 7th Block Square, which took place on April 13, is now here with the 8th! Block Square 8, which will take place in 3 days, will talk about what Web3 means for the game industry and how it will shape the game industry in the future.

The Countdown for Block Square 8 is on!

Block Square 8, organized by BTCHaber, is a treasure trove for the local web3 and blockchain communities. The place, time, date, and ticket price information of the event, which will last for 3 hours, is as follows:

  • Location: JUSTWork No:62 Balkan Street Istanbul, Istanbul 34770
  • Time: 8 – 11 pm
  • Date: Friday, May 26
  • Ticket Price: Free

Although the ticket price is free of charge, participation is limited to 150 people. You can apply to be a participant by clicking on the following link:

Event Speakers

Participants will include game brands in Web2 and Web3. The impact of Web3 on gaming will be discussed throughout the event. The speakers at the event moderated by Kıvılcım Harika Ertunç are as follows:

  • Arslan Kiran: Head of Growth Turkey/Germany/MENA The Sandbox
  • Ali Erhan Tamer: Managing Partner Slash Ventures
  • Melih Gürel: Founder Futurinn

To give a brief overview of the companies the speakers are involved in, Slash Ventures Capital invests in the next generation of decentralized technology. Thus, it supports entrepreneurs and projects that will shape the future of decentralized networking.

On the other hand, with The Sandbox, players can build, own and monetize their gaming experiences in a user-created virtual game universe. Finally, Futurinn aims to create a brand-new gaming ecosystem by acting as a bridge between established companies and promising gaming startups.

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