CDS Events Interviews with MagicCraft, Satoshi Solutions and Codego

Interviews with MagicCraft, Satoshi Solutions and Codego

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Magic Craft

Magic Craft, an exciting PvP multiplayer MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Action) blockchain game, is available on Binance Smart Chain. The game allows you to participate in action-packed single-player or multiplayer battles, earning $MCRT as a result of these battles.

What is Magic Craft?

Essentially a castle siege game, Magic Craft offers players the chance to earn rewards for battle success and conquered lands through in-game taxation, with a richly detailed game environment and a native $MCRT token economy built into the game.

In addition to allowing players to play the game solo, Magic Crafts can also play PvP. Thus, together with your teammates, you can conquer large clans and win many prizes.

In addition, the game can play via web browsers and mobile apps. However, it expects to be released for various game consoles in time. For this magical world where you can choose one of 5 different characters, you need to start playing Magic Crafts.


Talent Hunter Satoshi Solutions

Founded in 2017, Satoshi Solutions is a kind of talent hunter. The company, which ensures that the clients it works with find someone with the appropriate competence, has an active role, especially in the recruitment processes of crypto companies.

What Does Satoshi Solutions Do?

Satoshi Solutions, which has a significant place in the formation of ecosystems in the crypto sector, cares both about the further growth of the sector and making the right choices for its customers. A group of experts works for Satoshi Solutions, which meticulously completes work for each Web3 conference. Thus, the entire team can communicate effectively with clients and inform them about recruitment methods. 

Satoshi Solutions embraces decentralization and has an enormous network of talented candidates. This network, which interacts both online and physically, is especially active on the LinkedIn platform. As a result of this network, Satoshi Solutions has a team that speaks seven different languages from 4 various continents. Thus, it can serve many companies without being limited to a single language or country.

Summary: Recognizing the importance of the correct hiring in the fast-changing industry of blockchain, Satoshi Solutions not only works in the crypto world but also lives in it. In short, the company skillfully fills vacancies in this sector.


Codego Core Banking

Operating in 5 different countries, Codego is the best address that companies can turn to for a solution when they have a financial problem. Of course, each company in the sector has its own unique needs. Codego observes all these needs in the best way and offers them the best possible financial solution.

What Does Codego Do?

Basically, Codego helps launch fintech services globally by providing reliable and technological solutions at incredibly low costs. With this support, Codego aims for companies to use fintech services more widely. Codego not only provides security and offers various solutions to companies. It also contributes you with convenience and flexibility. So, you can get the best quality service in basic banking. Among the products provided by Codego are the following:

  • Core Banking
  • White Label Crypto Exchange
  • Wallet
  • Merchant Crypto Gateway
  • White Label Prepaid and Debit Card
  • White Label Bank
  • White Label Crypto Card

The features and integrations that companies and their customers need are provided to companies through internal development, with Codego’s ability to perform almost any customization.

Summary: Codego offers development and support for a wide range of products and platforms, whether you are launching a banking suite, looking to integrate fintech solutions, or designing your new e-wallet. 


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