Ember Partnership with AshSwap

Ember announced a partnership with AshSwap, the first decentralized exchange built on the Elrond blockchain. Ember, which plans to strengthen its NFT collections with this partnership, is also considering attracting the AshSwap community to the Ember ecosystem. The NFT, the main feature of the Ember platform, opens up the sharing economy to more than 23,000 users of ASHSWAP. The AshSwap platform also offers its users the opportunity to explore the world of NFT. We can say that both sides are very happy with this partnership. For the partnership, Neil Nguyen, founder and CEO of AshSwap, said:

“There is clear synergy in our principles and those of Ember and we are excited to partner to take both AshSwap and NFTs in the Elrond ecosystem to the next level. Our partnership with Ember means that our AshSwap community will be able to easily transact, share, and leverage their AshSwap NFTs to access and utilize their utilities when we introduce them to our ecosystem. By introducing the ability to share NFTs, Ember solves problems of NFT liquidity and accessibility which will benefit our community immensely”

Ember & AshSwap
Ember & AshSwap

About Ember

Ember is a platform that aims to create an illiquid NFT Market for its users, which allows them to rent, borrow and share digital assets in the world of NFT and GameFi.  At the same time, the platform Ember Marketplace, Ember NFT Wallet and using Ember Renting Protocols, challenges NFTs with zero collateral, zero KYC, and zero barriers to access policies.

About AshSwap

AshSwap is the first decentralized exchange built on the Elrond blockchain. Ashswap allows you to trade by offering low slippage and low fees between stablecoin and other fixed-value assets.




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