DIA x Orbital Apes Partnership Agreement

Dia has announced a new collaboration agreement with Rumble by Orbital Apes to provide a verifiable random number generation oracle service that takes place on the Evmos network.


Rumble is the newest project of the creators of Orbital Apes NFTs. Originally launched on the Evmos network, the Orbital Apes community aims to expand by creating a decentralized lottery platform. The purpose of the platform is to enable users, influencers, and platforms to interact with their communities more healthily and to eliminate the problems experienced with giveaways. In addition, all profits from the platform will be distributed to Orbital Apes owners.

The Rumble platform will support the creation and execution of decentralized sweepstakes where NFTs, ERC-20 and Evmos tokens are distributed. It will be enough for the content producers to determine the lottery rules, the amount to be distributed and the participation requirements, and the platform will handle all the rest of the transactions. Users can use ERC-721 tickets for sweepstakes, and the winners receive their prizes automatically. All these operations take place transparently and reliably thanks to the random number oracle that DIA provides in the Evmos network.

“We’re super excited to be working with DIA to bring on-chain randomness infrastructure to EVMOS. Their team has been very supportive in helping us launch Rumble. We already have plans to further make use of this technology on Rumble by creating new opportunities and games for our users and look forward to other teams on Evmos taking advantage of building applications utilizing DIA Oracles.” The Orbital Apes Team

“We are excited to see that the DIA oracles are being used as a community tool in the Evmos ecosystem. This truly shows the strength and benefits of having an open and decentralized ecosystem, and Orbital Apes is definitely doing the right thing here. Seeing them create value not only for themselves but for the whole Evmos ecosystem is what we like to see in web3. We enjoyed working together with the Orbital team, and we definitely look forward to working with them again.” Michael Weber, DIA Association President

Random Numbers in Evmos

The first organization to use it is the Rumble Platform, ‘random numbers oracle’, promising development over time for all applications that exist on the Evmas network and need a random numbers oracle.

How Will Oracle Work?

Rumble applies to oracle twice, first to determine the drawing round, and then to determine the winning participant ticket with a random number after the drawing. The Orbital Apes team was the first to use oracle in Evmos, and more applications are expected to use it in the near future.

About DIA

DIA is a Web3 platform that provides multi-chain, end-to-end, open source data and oracle service. It enables the procurement, approval and sharing of transparent and verified data streams for traditional and digital financial applications. DIA’s enterprise-level data feeds cover different data categories such as digital asset prices, NFT base prices, lending rates, and foreign exchange rates.

DIA’s data is obtained from a wide variety of on-chain and off-chain sources directly at the individual trading level. This allows DIA data feeds to be fully customized in terms of the mix of sources and methodologies, which allows for the creation of personalized, highly flexible data. 



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