DeNet x Nawarat Partnership Agreement

Nawarat, a decentralized NFT evaluation protocol that provides objective, secure and real-time price data to the NFT financial market, announced their partnership with DeNet.

Nawarat announced that it is honored to be listed on DeNet Desk, the desktop computer of the DeNet ecosystem that provides easy access to the applications already listed. Nawarat aims to store project data using DeNet Storage system. In addition, Nawarat sees this collaboration as a great chance to recruit new users to him through the AuDit Ecosystem. Nawarat will have the opportunity to win in the Open Economy 3.0 model.

Uses of Nawarat

  • NFT Lending – Support the pricing of NFTs. Nawarat can provide more accurate prices.
  • Protocol or Option – Create NFT-based protocol, execute NFT-based contracts through Nawarat’s continuous NFT pricing mechanism and provide evaluation support for them.
  • NFT Insurance – Users can pay for theft, loss, etc. based on the value of the NFT. cases, they can secure their NFT. The model is identical to the traditional insurance model and provides price support for damages.
  • NFT Fund – Create “index funds” based on the value of different NFTs or use NFTs to create the basis for investment.

About Nawarat

Nawarat provides its users with real-time decentralized assessment tools for NFTs and serves as an oracle. NFT provides objective, secure and real-time price data to the financial market. Nawarat allows everyone to participate. It is committed to creating an efficient NFT valuation mechanism, providing accurate real-time valuations for NFT, solving NFT liquidity problems and strengthening the entire NFT ecosystem.

About DeNet

DeNet is a nulti-chain ecosystem based on decentralized storage for the intersection of Web 3.0 and DeFi economy.

According to the Open Economy 3.0 concept, DeNet creates a useful ecosystem for all its participants on the basis of data storage and management. DeNet Desk, which brings together applications from different blockchains and increases the usability of Web 3.0 services for users, currently provides access to many applications for data storage in Decency.



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