DAO Maker and Binance Custody Integration

DAO Maker has integrated with Binance Custody as a custody partner to enhance digital asset security. Binance Custody allows institutions to protect DAO tokens using best-in-class cold storage solutions.

Binance Custody is a fully regulated (law-compliant) virtual asset storage platform. In addition to providing funds at the highest possible standard, Binance Custody provides liquidity solutions to institutional clients through Cold Convert, Binance Mirror and Share Wallet. DAO Maker has partnered with Binance Custody to provide access to world-class security and digital asset management technology.

Within the scope of this cooperation, DAO Maker is very pleased to take part in Binance Custody services. Binance has always led the crypto industry, so they are happy to be part of this journey with them. We can say that there is no doubt that this will bring the security and management of tokens to the best standard.

dao maker integrates binance custody

DAO Maker aims to redefine venture capital by making it accessible to the masses. With more than 170,000 users and users spread across 158 different countries, it aims to achieve this. DAO Maker has consistently placed market-leading projects such as Alice, Step App or XCAD on the platform and set the trends in every market condition.

Binance Custody believes that cryptocurrency investors should feel comfortable when investing in the digital asset space. Company believes that security will become the basis for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Binance Custody offers an enterprise-grade cryptocurrency custody platform that is both regulatory and compliant, secure and robust.

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