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Poloniex Sweepingly Celebrates 9th Anniversary

Poloniex Celebrates 9th Anniversary
Poloniex Celebrates 9th Anniversary

Poloniex is celebrating its 9th Anniversary in 2023 with plans to offer even more great products and services to customers worldwide!

Poloniex Over the Years

Poloniex, which has been in full BUILD mode in the crypto space since 2014, is one of the exchanges where crypto users can securely buy and sell more than 400 tokens instantly. Unlike the companies that have faced bad results that we have encountered recently, this Exchange has continued its efforts to provide better service to its users both in bear and bull seasons.

The international customer base of the Poloniex exchange, whose number of users has increased every year since its establishment, is also growing at the same rate.

Product and Service Innovations

Over the years, Poloniex has created products and services with creativity and innovation. It has passed many milestones, including the launch of its new trading system in 2022, which revamped its legacy system with greater speed, stability, and usability.

In addition, the company also launched a related cross-margin mode for spot and futures trading to enhance the overall trading experience of its users. As a result, it supports maximum leverage of 3x to increase users’ capital with a combined spot and cross-margin account and features such as “auto-borrow” and “repayment” functions. This allows users to initiate a loan or repay a loan. Also, this increases financial flexibility and eliminates additional fees for users when trading, transferring, or depositing tokens.

Fee Structure

Poloniex has also optimized its fee structure for USDT collateralized perpetual contracts to provide its clients with the lowest fees in the entire industry. Due to the fee optimization, the maker’s fee rate for trading USDT collateralized perpetual contracts on Poloniex futures is 0.01%, and the taker’s fee rate is 0.04%. Moreover, these changes apply to all clients, regardless of the trading volume.

Looking Forward to

With its 9th-anniversary slogan, “Nine legendary years, to be continued”, Poloniex is preparing to launch many new products and services in 2023, such as Futures Grid. In addition, the company plans to introduce Trade bots, sub-accounts, and many other new products and services for new and experienced customers.

Poloniex has also launched a series of campaigns to distribute several prizes to users to express its gratitude, including BTC, ETH, and iPhone14 Pro totaling USD 1,300,000, as well as a prize pool worth USD 900,000.



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