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Mudrex: A New Era for Crypto Investments


Founded in 2018, Mudrex is a fintech app that sets out to facilitate the trading processes of cryptocurrency investors.

It presents the Coin Sets concept which are created, managed and optimized by the Mudrex Capital team, for cryptocurrency investors to invest in the easiest and safest way possible. Serving more than 700,000 investors in more than a hundred countries, Mudrex is welcoming new investors with many new campaigns and features these days in order to strengthen its user base.

What is Mudrex?

Mudrex is a cryptocurrency portfolio management application that is actively used in many countries around the world. Investors can easily achieve financial freedom with Mudrex and get a time-saving investment experience by taking advantage of automated features. Mudrex brings together the easiest and most advantageous way of investing in crypto money with its investors.

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Diversify your Portfolio: Coin Sets

Coin Set is an investment and savings method offered by Mudrex to its investors. In the Coin Set feature cryptocurrencies are put together in baskets according to their themes; There are crypto currency sets of many different areas such as Metaverse, NFT, DeFi, Smart Contracts or DAO Basket. By investing in one of these sets, investors automatically invest in all cryptocurrencies in the set.

For example, the Metaverse coin basket contains cryptocurrencies of the most popular Metaverse projects such as $SAND, $MANA, $AXS, $SLP. These crypto currency baskets, prepared by experts, are more often preferred by investors who are considering medium and long-term investments.

With the Coin Sets, prepared jointly by Mudrex Capital and Mudrex Research Team, you can have a strong portfolio by minimizing the risk and diversifying your investments by investing a set of coins instead of investing in a single crypto asset. Thus, you can perform transactions in bulk without having to research crypto assets in detail, and you can lean on an expert while saving time.

How to invest in Mudrex Coin Sets?

It’s easy to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies at once by the Coin Sets!

For example, you invested in Mudrex’s Metaverse Basket for its users. The amount in your portfolio;  will be split into 8 crypto assets, $MANA, $SAND, $AXS, $FLOW, $KLAY, $ENJ, $SLP and $APE. Percentage for each asset is adjusted by Mudrex’s expert team. It is up to you to determine how much of your funds you want to invest on which set and decide whether you want to make recurrent investments or not.

After making your investment, you can easily examine how much you have invested, which sets you have invested in and how much you have earned from the portfolio menu of Mudrex.

Industry Giants Believe in Mudrex

Mudrex, which receives investment from well-respected investment funds such as Tribe Capital, QED Investors, Nexus Venture Partners, Village Global, Y Combinator, Incrypt, Gamma Point Capital, Better, Woodstock Fund, aims to make cryptocurrency investment easier and more accessible all over the world with its 11 global investors. Mudrex, which has received a total investment of 22.1M USD, is one of the partners of the Binance exchange’s Broker program. Within this program, Mudrex is supported by Binance infrastructure by being included in Binance’s high-level security system.

Mudrex; With its Coin Set feature, infrastructure supported by Binance, global investors and team with strong knowledge, it is preparing to become the one of the most preferred portfolio management by crypto investors.

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