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Mastercard Artist Accelerator Program

Mastercard Introduces Artist Accelerator Program
Artist Accelerator Program

Mastercard has announced the Mastercard Artist Accelerator, which will allow musicians to build their careers in the Web3 field with the Polygon supported acceleration program.

About Mastercard Artist Accelerator

Mastercard recently announced its Web3-based program called ‘Mastercard Artist Accelerator‘. This program, which will take place in collaboration with Polygon next spring, will enable five musicians around the world to establish their brands in the Web3 world. 

According to the announcement made by Mastercard, artists will receive exclusive access to exclusive events, music releases and more. The program will teach artists how to build their brands through Web3 experiences such as NFT minting, representing themselves in virtual worlds and building an engaged community. 

Mastercard Artist Accelerator
Mastercard Artist Accelerator

The Event

Designed for creators to come together and grow their communities, Mastercard Artist Accelerator also invites fans of creators to this event. The limited amount of Mastercard Music Pass offers NFT holders access to exclusive ‘Web3 x Music’ materials, resources and a unique experience. With this token, fans can join the platform and consolidate their tools and knowledge with the artists. 

Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer said; “Music is a universal passion, inspiring us, moving us, and bringing us together; however, it can feel impossible for budding artists to break in. With the Mastercard Artist Accelerator, we are expanding access and driving connections further with cutting-edge Web3 technology. Our vision is to bridge passion and purpose, spotlighting amazing emerging artists and creating an interactive community that allows participants to learn, experiment and grow together.”

You can find more information about Mastercard Artist Accelerator here.

About Mastercard

Mastercard is a global technology company in the payments industry. Its mission is to connect and strengthen an inclusive digital economy that benefits everyone, everywhere by making transactions safe, simple, smart and accessible.



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