Crust Network Partnership with XX Network

Crust Network is partnering with XX Network to provide a turnkey solution to the Web3 industry. Crust Network is partnered with XX Network, the first and only quantum-ready and privacy-focused blockchain ecosystem in the space.

XX-network, the secure and efficient decentralized ecosystem of the future, combines the xx consensus protocol with the privacy-protecting xx cMix technology to power a complete state-of-the-art technology package. To showcase privacy-protecting and quantum-resistant technology, XX recently launched xx messenger, an ultra-private messaging app available through the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore and powered by the xx network, which is quantum-resistant and decentralized.

xx network and crust network partnership

To allow users to store their account data in a truly decentralized and secure way, Crust Network will be integrated with XX Network’s application. Any account backed up and stored on CrustNetwork will enjoy multiple replications across the infrastructure along with user-controlled encryption to maintain complete privacy and confidentiality. CrustNetwork’s high-speed data retrieval will also help the Network provide users with a decentralized, non-distinguished experience. That’s why Crust Network is working with XX Network to provide the web3 industry with an important solution, including storage and encryption service.

In addition, Crust will provide full technical support, operational and maintenance services, including identity collection, data sharing and indexing. It is believed that in the near future, these new technological developments will promote greater cooperation between the two sides. 

About XX Network

The XX network is a first-layer, linear scaling, future-ready blockchain that facilitates private communication and thousands of transactions per second, while being highly protected from quantum-based attacks. They have achieved this by using several key protocols, including at least the new xxBFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance) consensus.

The XX network facilitates the next generation of privacy through the unique cMix mixnet protocol, true E2EE with metadata fragmentation and inherent anonymity features to protect platform dApps from even the most powerful potential adversaries, even at the nation-state level.

About Crust Network

Crust Network is a purpose-built storage blockchain that offers truly decentralized file storage and hosting capabilities for the entire Web3 ecosystem. It aims to strengthen privacy and data ownership. Crust Network provides DApp hosting, NFT metadata storage, and encrypted file storage on a wide variety of blockchains.



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