Cronos Ecosystem Grants Batch 5

Cronos is a decentralized and open source crypto project owned by, a centralized crypto exchange. Cronos includes the Cronos Ecosystem grants program. The purpose of Cronos Ecosystem Grants is to provide financial and technical support to early-stage projects to help them thrive with the wider ecosystem. A total of 180 applications were received for Cronos Ecosystem Grants batch 5 in the categories of Decentralized Finance, NFT, Gaming, Metaverse, Tools analytics, Critical Infrastructure, Social Goods and Community Engagement and other Web3 projects, but this number was narrowed down to 7.

Cronos Ecosystem
Cronos Ecosystem


Bitquery is a software product that parses, indexes, and stores data on the blockchain. Bitquery is an infrastructure service that will allow querying Cronos blockchain data thanks to APIs. We know that Bitquery held the Seed Round in September 2022 through leading investors such as Binance, Pulsar Global, OKX, collecting about $ 8.5 million in investments.


OpenLeverage offers users Leveraged lending and margin trading. OpenLeverage will also use these services on Cronos. OpenLeverage has previously received strategic funding from Binance Labs.


Unmarshal is a Multi-Chain data infrastructure that provides access to data on DeFi,  NFT and Metaverse. Unmarshal will bring its data APIs and other products to Cronos.


SubQuery is creating an open source, fast and flexible data framework to strengthen Web3. SubQuery supports framing more than 100 data. It will integrate the SubQuerry API into Cronosa.


Hummingbot is an open source software. Hummingbot allows investors to create arbitrage strategy and crypto trade bots. Hummingbot will integrate the Hummingbot Gateway into Cronos. is a multi-chain protocol that offers isolated lending facilities to users. will integrate its platform into Cronos.


Kairos is a lending protocol that uses NFTs as collateral. Currently Kairos supports top 10 Blue-chip NFT projects such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodle, CryproPunk etc.

About Cronos

Cronos is an EVM-compatible chain that provides support for IBC networks based on the Cosmos SDK. It is compatible with Ethereum and Cosmos based ecosystems. Cronos is defined as a chain where Ethereum and Cosmos intersect. In other words, as an EVM chain built on Cosmos, it enables the chain to benefit from both ecosystems. Thanks to the network, creators can move their applications and crypto assets from different chains at low cost, high efficiency and speed. The network is powered by Ethermint, which enables fast migration of Ethereum and EVM compatible applications and smart contracts. Built with the IBC protocol, the network allows for bridging with In addition, the chain is described as a high speed, low cost, decentralized, open source and energy efficient chain.


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