Wormhole Launches Aptos NFT Bridge

Wormhole announced the Aptos NFT Bridge, which cross-chains NFTs on the Aptos network and NFTs from the Aptos network.

Wormhole Launches Aptos NFT Bridge

With the partnership, NFTs will be able to connect to or from the Aptos network. With this partnership, users will now be able to send NFT assets directly to the Aptos network from any blockchain network.

Considering that the NFT sector is developing day by day, we can say that this partnership is very significant. In addition, the biggest problem for NFTs is that it is difficult to transfer between different blockchains. The partnership is good news for the NFT industry, and for Aptos users, it means a more accessible and easier-to-use environment. Mo Shaikh, Co-Founder and CEO of Aptos Labs, said:

“With the Aptos NFT bridge, Wormhole brings a new level of interoperability to the network. Aptos welcomes millions of assets, thousands of creators and artists from across the many chains accessible via this bridge.”

How Will NFT Bridge Work?

With the NFT bridge feature, Wormhole allows NFTs to be transferred between supported blockchains while preserving their metadata. The blockchain owned by the NFT is protected, and if the user wants to transfer it to a blockchain other than the blockchain owned by the NFT, the following steps will take place;

  • The NFT gets locked up in the NFT bridge smart contract.
  • An equivalent wrapped NFT is minted into a corresponding collection on the destination chain

Wrapped NFTs have the same name, the same look, and the same properties. Wrapped NFTs can also be converted back to their original form.

Aptos Wormhole NFT Bridge

Which Chains are Supported?

Users who want to bridge their NFTs to the Aptos blockchain via the Wormhole platform can bridge to Arbitrum, Aurora, Avalanche, BSC, Celo, Ethereum, Fantom, Karura, Klaytn, Moonbeam, Oasis, Optimsm, Polygon, and Solana blockchains.

About Aptos Labs

Aptos Labs, founded in 2022, is a Layer1 blockchain that promises users maximum scalability, reliability, and usability. The company is committed to becoming the industry’s leading and most trusted network by adopting the slogan layer1 for everyone.

About Wormhole

The company aims to reliably transfer the movements of crypto assets between blockchains. To achieve this goal, it connects to the Core Layer inside the platform. These received messages are forwarded by the Wormhole Core Layer located in each chain, which forwards them to the destination chain. A protective network of 19 nodes protects the platform in message transmission. Additionally, the NFT portal allows users to send their NFTs between different blockchains.




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