Tezos and Allbridge: The Big Merger is Happening!

One of the crypto market’s biggest mergers took place recently. Tezos and Allbridge signed a collaboration through QuipuSwap. With this agreement, They made it possible to transfer to each other over networks such as Solana, BNB Chain, Aurora, Celo, and Fantom.

The merger of Allbridge and Tezos allowed them to connect different dApps through each other and build their infrastructure without developing any product as an intermediary.

What is Tezos?

Essentially a smart currency, Tezos is an intermediary that connects the digital world with the real world. Emerging from the Proof of Stake blockchain, Tezos is an energy-efficient unit that can gain or lose value on its own. Tezos was created entirely with “tomorrow” in mind.

What is Allbridge?

It is a way of transferring different cryptocurrencies, such as NFT, cryptocurrencies, differently. Essentially, Allbridge can be thought of as non-crypto money transfers or Wire transfers. Allbridge, which acts as a bridge, opens the door to the unlimited blockchain world with the task it undertakes.

What is QuipuSwap?

QuipuSwap is one of the most significant decentralized trading protocols on the Tezos blockchain. Used to exchange FA 1.2 and FA2 tokens, QuipuSwap is the largest DEX on the Tezos network. Additionally, QuipuSwap was developed by MadFish Solutions, which creates Tezos DeFi ecosystem products.



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