CDS Collaboration Phuture Finance Integration Using Push Protocol

Phuture Finance Integration Using Push Protocol

Phuture Finance Integration Using Push Protocol

Phuture Finance, a decentralized crypto index platform, integrates the Push Protocol to bring decentralized notifications to the platform.

How to Integrate Push with Phuture?

Phuture is a cryptocurrency index platform created to facilitate investing through themed index funds. For example, the platform can aggregate the best DeFi assets on Ethereum by market capitalization through the Phuture DeFi Index product. In this way, users can benefit from the overall development of DeFi while reducing their exposure to the risks associated with each of these products individually. Also, in addition to the PDI, the platform plans to create a wide range of other indices that allow users to take advantage of different DeFi trends.

Phuture Finance Integrates the Push Protocol

Clients who invest in financial products on platforms such as Phuture tend to check for updates on their investments frequently. However, thanks to its collaboration with Push, Phuture Finance hopes to deliver these updates directly to users. This move improves the user experience on the platform and allows consumers to take action as soon as necessary.

Phuture users can subscribe to the channel on the Push Platform to receive these updates. Thus, users can receive notifications in the following cases:

  • When their investment in an index rebalances
  • When the index in which they invest increases by x% in a week

On the other hand, both Phuture and Push foresee integrating more usage scenarios shortly and transmitting updates on all events to the Phuture Platform. The best thing is that users can choose any device on which they will receive these notifications. Finally, users can continuously monitor their investments thanks to these decentralized instant notifications.

About Phuture Finance

Phuture, a decentralized crypto index platform founded in 2019, facilitates investment processes through automated, themed index funds on Ethereum. Accessible to all people with an Internet connection, Phuture is ideal for investors who want to improve their approach to investing in cryptocurrencies. Most recently, Phuture has received 3.75 million in investments from venture capitalists, crypto funds, and investors such as the CEO.

About the Push Protocol

Push Protocol, which is Web3 communication protocol. It provides open, gasless, and platform-independent cross-chain notifications and messages for wallets, dApps and services linked to wallet addresses. 


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