Nemogem Partnership with Krypto Fighters

Nemogem recently partnered with Krypto Fighters, a 2D NFT game with a different gameplay style. We can say that this partnership is an important step in the NFT gaming sector on behalf of both platform. Thanks to the refund policy offered by Nemogem, which we know as an NFT Marketplace, for its users, the user can return the NFT they purchased at the end of a trial process. Nemogem describes Krypto Fighters as a brand with high growth potential in the GameFi industry. As a result of this partnership, Krypto Fighters users will now be able to list the NFTs they have earned in the game on the Nemo market.

NemoGem Partnership Krypto Fighters
NemoGem Partnership Krypto Fighters

About Nemogem

Nemogem is an NFT market based on smart contracts that allow users to return their NFTs in exchange for some conditions. Platform facilitates the entry of users into P2E games with the NFT refund facility it provides to its users. Instead of calculating how much profit a user can make from the NFT they receive in the game, they can directly take that NFT and try it out and return it if he wants.

About Krypto Fighters

Krypto Fighters is a strategic turn-based NFT game inspired by the Darkest Dungeon game. Within the Krypto Fighters game, which will start on the Polygon network, you can create your fighting team, train this team and even hire them. If you bring your fighters to level 10 in Adventure mode, you can create your NFTs. You can also increase the value of these NFTs by continuing to play.


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