By Integrating Two Layer 2 Networks, MetaMask Bridges Increases Cross-Chain Compatibility

The MetaMask cross-chain bridge aggregator will offer network and bridge compatibility for two additional significant networks this week, according to a formal announcement made on Wednesday. MetaMask Bridges now supports a total of six bridge networks for the well-known web wallet with the inclusion of Optimism and Arbitrum, two growing networks in the cryptocurrency market. These names include Ethereum, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

By Integrating Two Layer 2 Networks, MetaMask Bridges Increases Cross-Chain Compatibility

In an effort to attract cryptocurrency aficionados, the wallet provider is investing in novel solutions with a focus on utility. The MetaMask Bridges‘ beta testing is over with the addition of Optimism and Arbitrum. The Bridges product will have a bridging cost of less than 1% after it exits beta, along with increased transfer limits and better stability.

About Bridges

MetaMask refers to bridges as flight aggregators, using a carefully selected set of bridges to provide a complete solution. The wallet offers consumers the opportunity to select their own route or follow the wallet’s default recommendation and mentions Connext, Hop, Celer cBridge, and Polygon Bridge as its suite of bridge aggregates.

About Arbitrum and Optimism

Arbitrum has fully dominated DeFi despite being one of the few major chains without a native token. Arbitrum has been a haven for dedicated builders and DeFi supporters while bear market conditions have dominated market activity for the preceding six to eight months.

Optimism, which has a comparable outlook but limited performance, is ranked seventh overall in the DeFi TVL with around $1 billion in currently locked funds. Moreover, Optimism has a native platform token compared to Arbitrum. Cross-chain technologies such as Aave and Curve have also contributed to the platform’s success.


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