Cointelegraph Accelerator and Verum Capital Partnership

Cooperation between Cointelegraph, one of the top blockchain news sites, and Verum Capital, a Web3 venture firm based in Switzerland, has been announced. In order to help entrepreneurs and new founders succeed in the Web3 market, the two businesses will work together to offer them helpful instructional materials, mentorship, and technology know-how through the Cointelegraph Accelerator.

Cointelegraph Accelerator and Verum Capital Partnership

In order to assist creators in launching the subsequent generation of Web3 projects, the accelerator has been utilizing the company’s distinct position at the forefront of Web3-focused media and reporting since 2022. The accelerator helps each business locate and establish an audience, build an ecosystem around their product, avoid typical pitfalls, and ship faster by giving founders access to Cointelegraph’s creative marketing talent, investor and consumer networks, and industry partners.

About Cointelegraph Accelerator

Participants in the accelerator receive access to regular workshops led by professionals in the field. Direct access to professional knowledge on subjects like product-market fit, tokenomics, go-to-market strategy, incentive design, funding, and regulation is made available through these workshops. The workshops also provide useful connections to other entrepreneurs who may exchange viewpoints and fortify networks within the community.

“We look forward to further enhancing our mentorship program with the expertise that Verum Capital brings to the table from their years of experience in designing token-enabled ecosystems with a user-centric approach. It’s an invaluable opportunity to apply practical experience to support our founders through different stages of their company growth.”

Paul Solntsev, head of Cointelegraph Accelerator

Applying the Knowledge of Verum Capital to the Acceleration

Verum adds value to each Cointelegraph Accelerator cohort by giving access to their depth of knowledge and viewpoint as an industry authority. The company has 15 portfolio firms, 90+ engagements, 10+ listed clients, and 450+ smart contracts in its libraries. It can provide entrepreneurs with insights and real-world experience in nearly any target area.

“The startup projects that come through the Cointelegraph Accelerator span established and emerging areas of focus within the Web3 space — from DeFi and analytics to SocialFi and physical consumer experiences. As a venture studio that has maintained its position at the forefront of the space by delivering early and experimental projects, we are eager to support and learn with a new generation of builders.”

Verum Capital CEO Matthias Weissl

About Verum Capital

One of the top Web3 venture studios, Verum, is situated in Zurich, Switzerland. In order to make Web3 initiatives a reality, the studio has been collaborating with institutional, startup, and enterprise partners since 2017.

Their team consists of experts from several fields who are passionate about the blockchain sector, including financial quants, mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, and developers. The business and engineering teams at the company work together to complete transformative initiatives by creating new goods and ecosystems, internalizing existing products and solutions, and funding Web3 partners.

About Cointelegraph Accelerator

By utilizing its marketing expertise, media resources, mentorship program, and a wide network of partners in the cryptocurrency world and beyond, it focuses on scaling Web3 startups. It is designed for businesses with a tested business model and usable products who want to build their customer base and brand value by expanding their marketing. In addition, it is chain-agnostic.


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