CDS Collaboration The Astar dApp Staking Portal V2 is Launched!

The Astar dApp Staking Portal V2 is Launched!

The Astar dApp Staking Portal V2 is Launched!

One of the simplest ways to engage with their ecosystem and support the idea of a decentralized network that expands with the community is through dApp staking. Portal v2 serves as the small community’s common area and the initial point of contact for users, stakeholders, and developers. Users can explore the DeFi, NFTs, Tooling, and Utility dApps in this ecosystem. As a user, you can select your preferred dApp to utilize and turn into a dApp staker by funding your preferred projects.

Highlights with Portal V2

Even though dApp staking provides the advantages of financial incentives and a developer-centered architecture, the portal interface hasn’t done a great job of making this happen. At this stage in the journey, staking needs to provide a fantastic customer experience. The portal needs to promote user engagement and raise everyone’s comprehension level of dApp staking. dApp staking portal v2 now enhances portal functionality, user experience, and staking information.

There will be several stages to complete the full rollout of v2. They will announce new features and UI as they add. Once complete, they will have an intuitive page with clear information that better connects the community of stakers to dApp developers. Below they will walk you through this first batch of new features and then share what they are adding over the upcoming months to complete v2.

Recent User Panel

You see a new header at the top of the website that prominently displays the major KPIs that matter to stakeholders. This section calls staking metrics and consists of the following components:

  • TVL in staking dApp
  • Current era
  • APR staking
  • Total number of dApps approved for dApp staking

These four indicators will use to monitor how their networks change over time. In addition, the user panel here has three different tabs:

  • My Rewards: Information on staking, including the total rewards received
  • Unbonding: List of ASTRs that are currently unbonding
  • My dApps: Includes a single list of all suggested dApps and administrative tools for adding or redistributing staked assets.

Thus, you can easily access multiple features with an up-to-date user panel.

New Projects Page

The new projects page is made to gather all of a dApp’s crucial details in one place, including:

  • Essential graphics for dApps
  • Information stake (number of stakers and total staked)
  • The team’s bio for the builders
  • Details specific to the project (socials, official links, & basic dApp architecture)

On the portal staking page, all projects can publish vital messages and fundamental information. Consumers and stakeholders will find it easier to learn about the dApp’s goods and keep up with the project’s goals and successes if this information is made widely available. Finally, dApps can use the projects page to gain the community’s trust by disclosing their progress and increasing transparency.

Better Staking Page

They will highlight the most helpful tutorials and videos for you on the Staking Page of the site, which now includes connections to assist everyone in navigating the ecosystem. The new stake page will also highlight the network contributors’ developers. They want the gateway to both to provide a user interface that makes it simple for you to support developers through staking and honor the devoted projects you can find on Astar and Shiden.

About Astar

The Future of Smart Contracts for Multichain is Astar Network. It gives developers genuine interoperability with cross-consensus communications. In addition, it supports the development of dApps with EVM and WASM smart contracts (XCM).


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