Coinfeeds x Synfutures Partnership

Recently, Coinfeeds announced that it will list the decentralized derivatives exchange Synfutures on its app. The aim of this partnership is to provide users with reliable data that they can take into account when making stock market transactions.

Dozens of different new projects are listed on coin and token Web3 exchanges every day. In this fluidity of stock markets, we see that even the most experienced traders find it difficult to follow developments that can be valuable.  Coinfeeds screens the data on social networks in order for investors to reach high-quality and reliable data and offers it to the service of its users.

Coinfeeds collects data from many different social platforms such as Twitter, Github, Reddit and Discord and uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology for the reliability and connection analysis of these data. More than 500 projects are currently being published on Coinfeeds. As an example of these, we can cite the most important projects such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Solana and Polkadot.

    About Coinfeeds

Coinfeeds is an application that helps businesses and investors to make effective and high-quality data-based decisions. It collects information from different social platforms and Web3 communities and puts this information at the service of its users by passing it through a natural language processor. With this information it provides, it creates a special chart for each new coin and NFT project listed. Thanks to this application, you can easily follow the most retweeted news in the crypto world or the projects that have received the most investment recently.

    About SynFutures

SynFutures ERC-20 is a decentralized derivatives exchange designed to support a wide variety of assets, cross-chain assets and any price-fed project, allowing various digital asset pairs to be created and traded as a single token. SynFutures facilitates entry into derivatives exchanges by increasing the diversity of assets, creating a fair foreign exchange market for digital assets within the exchange.


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