Coin98 x Sui Partnership

Coin98, appears as a Layer 1 blockchain that designers and programmers offer for billions of web users, allowing them to gain experiences. An asset-oriented programming model that works with Move offers a fast transfer speed and a modest latency. This also adds a plus advantage to the project. Coin98 is one of the first multi-chain crypto wallets to support Sui. Now Coin98 users will be able to set up a Sui wallet on their mobile devices as well. From now on, users will be able to participate in the ecosystem through various roles such as developers, builders, users or validators. Sui is a project that is open to development, which is still in its infancy. All in all, Coin98 stands out as a thriving project interested in exploring working opportunities and building the Sui ecosystem jointly.
Open Source Sui Wallet; It gives Sui users the ability to create an address, view and manage assets in the Sui network, as well as interact. Sui Wallet also serves as a reference app for other potential wallets and apps in the Sui ecosystem. The Coin98 platform believes that the Sui Wallet repository is acting as an important ecosystem enablement tool as Sui begins to support scale use cases, motion-based ownership models, and other Sui-specific features.

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How to create a Sui Wallet in the Coin98 Application?

Coin98 recommends creating a multi-chain wallet in the Coin98 app to easily manage and access all single blockchain wallets with a single password. If you are already a Coin98 user, you can select the manage option from the wallets section, you can also select the active blockchains and activate Sui. Updating your multi-chain wallets with Sui Wallet to complete the transaction would also be an important addition.

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Other Details About Sui

Sui is a scalable, throughput and storage decentralized blockchain developed by Mysten Labs. This special project, which is the first of its kind, provides a general-purpose blockchain to its users with high efficiency, instant analysis, rich on-chain assets and user-friendly web experiences.

Other Details About Coin98

Coin98, is a pioneering crypto application design. Connecting one billion users seamlessly and securely to the crypto world is easy for Coin98. The platform aims to provide various opportunities to its users around the world.

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