Bridge Mutual and QuickSwap Collaboration to Protect Assets

Bridge Mutual has partnered with QuickSwap, a layer 2 decentralized exchange and automated market maker built on the Polygon network. Thus, thanks to the partnership, Quickswap customers have the right to purchase insurance against possible smart contract vulnerabilities, flaws or attacks.

Detailed Information about the Bridge Mutual and QuickSwap Partnership

As mentioned earlier, this partnership is more secure than many platforms, as it will protect polygon users from any attacks or exploits. Because the DeFi market in particular is a very attractive medium for hackers who want to steal assets and investments. So much so that the number of virtual attacks recorded in 2022 is over $ 2.1 billion and does not show any signs of decreasing.

On the other hand, the purpose of Bridge Mutual and QuickSwap is to accelerate the development of a reliable, efficient and secure decentralized finance ecosystem. With this collaboration, Bridge hopes to create a less speculative environment on the Quickswap V3 platform and enable consumers to use it without worrying about external dangers.

What is QuickSwap?

Polygon’s Layer 2 scaling architecture that powers QuickSwap enables a permissionless decentralized exchange. Incorporating a community-first governance system and a fair token distribution methodology, QuickSwap empowers traders while lowering the excessively high entry barriers to DEXs for the average crypto user.

What is Bridge Mutual?

Stablecoins, centralized exchanges and smart contracts are covered by Bridge Mutual, a decentralized p2p/p2b on-demand risk coverage platform. Using this platform, users can issue collateral, select policy payouts, share earnings and receive payouts for deciding claims.


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