Boss Fighters x Skill Lab Partnership

Boss Fighters has announced that it has joined Skill Labs as a new friend and trusted partner.

Boss Fighters is an upcoming free, Play-to-Earn VR game in which a player controls the Boss using a VR device, participates in physical combat with other users playing from a third person (Fighters) on PC, and fights together against the Boss. You can access the closed alpha test by filling out the form on the game’s official website.

The game is being developed by Pixward Games, a studio of experienced VR developers with more than 5 years of experience in creating successful VR applications.

In the game, the philosophy of Ancient Rome and the colosseum was revived. The game takes place in the 25th century;  The world is far ahead in terms of technology but the people still crave “bread and circuses” to this day.

Boss Fighters can be called a game from the future, where unique Fighters using completely unusual weapons try to defeat a Boss with their abilities. “You can be both, the choice is yours…”

    Unique Features of Boss Fighters

BOSS FIGHTERS is the first action-packed and fun asymmetric VR vs PC gaming experience on the blockchain. The team hopes that the Web3 game they have designed will bring together both the PC and VR communities.


BOSS FIGHTERS, the world’s first VR/PC competitive action game, is a VR/PC game show built as a unique multiplayer game, where a VR player takes on the role of the powerful boss monster, while PC players team up against him. Entertain the audience with the battles you win, gain prestige and valuable loot.

Start the online multiplayer game or play on the couch with your friends in party mode. A unique gaming experience that has never been seen before in the Web3.0 field is waiting for you.


BOSS FIGHTERS – VR players are generously rewarded with digital assets for playing as the Boss! BOSS FIGHTERS is the first game that rewards VR players for being active and participating in action-packed fights. VR is the best tool to take valuable rewards for physical activities to the next level.


No show without an audience! Make your game a show to attract more viewers to the show. “Watch to win” benefits both players and viewers! Users receive rewards for streaming; the more viewers, the better rewards for gamers! In addition, the audience receives rewards for supporting the players, and they can even interact with the battlefield through the Twitch API.


Players can also convert in-game rewards into digital assets using the blockchain, trade assets in the market, or use assets to unlock advanced game modes to compete for large coin prize pools and sponsored tournaments in the community.


BOSS FIGHTERS supports user-generated content. Using the blockchain and in-game digital asset market, developers can earn money from their creations such as game mods, cosmetic items, and maps.

    About Skill Labs

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